In order to provide support for artists interested in taking advantage of Manifest Drawing Center's rich programming for extended development, we are offering the new year-long Atelier Study Pass which enables participants to attend any and all Drawing Center programs for no additional charge for the period of one calendar year. This amounts to an approximate 75% discount on a year of programming starting from the first day attended using the pass. The cost of the Atelier Study Pass is $3,000 for a full year, or $1,000 per quarter billed on a three month cycle in four installments.

The value of Study Pass credit is estimated to be $12,000* and may be applied to any program offered at the Manifest Drawing Center during the one-year period beginning on the first day used.

*Study Pass includes all programming, from weekly Open Sessions to routine classes and workshops, to darkroom sessions and special visiting artist workshops to our weekly Drawing As Mindfulness sessions. This opportunity, by its very nature, will expose the participant to the intensive practice of ongoing studio work, supported by the mentoring and instruction by some of the region's best teaching artists on a week-by-week basis.

The Atelier Study Pass does not provide a specific curriculum, but rather enables the holder to devise their own curriculum by choosing from among the ongoing offerings at Manifest. In addition to the offerings selected, the Pass will also enable optional one-on-one meetings with Manifest staff, including the Drawing Center Coordinator and Manifest's Executive Director/Cofounder, both of whom represent nearly three decades of combined experience teaching at the university level, and nearly five decades combined working as professional artists.

As this is an exciting new program that requires a serious commitment both in terms of time and cost, questions and discussion are welcome and encouraged. Questions can be emailed to Adam Mysock, Drawing Center Coordinator, at Mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org.



The Atelier Study Pass is appropriate for anyone wanting to engage in serious ongoing visual arts practice with instruction, as well as independent study supported by Manifest's vibrant offerings and a regular peer group which includes working artists, college professors, current students, art and design professionals, and others aspiring to perfect their art and creativity.

An Atelier Study Pass student could be someone wanting to get a leg up on their skill before entering college in order to obtain scholarships, or acceptance into a competitive program, or someone recently graduated but wanting to cement their development as a bridge between academia and professional practice, or someone whose life took a different path but who now wants to bring it back to serious creative pursuits, or someone who wants to notch up their work's consistency and strength in order to pursue exhibition opportunities and further critical success. The nature of the self-determined curriculum is such that the Atelier Study Pass serves a wide audience seeking routine and rigor in a visual art practice. Manifest's nonprofit mission is to support such endeavors, and the Pass is but one way we are expanding our service to artists.



The Atelier Study Pass can begin any time up to a month after registration and tuition payment are complete.

Please note: You will be presented a 'thank you' page after successful submission of your registration for the Manifest Atelier Study Pass. This page will also provide the option to pay for the Pass by credit card through PayPal. Required fields in this form are marked in red. Should you receive an error page upon submitting the form, click your back button and provide the missing info, and submit again. Please email us here if you have any technical questions or problems with this process, and we will help you promptly.

If study pass credit is not used within the one-year time frame starting with first use, the remainder is non-refundable.
Credit from the Manifest Atelier Study Pass is not transferrable from the person listed on this form.

In order to use Atelier Study Pass credit, recipient must register for desired course or session, then simply contact Manifest by email to confirm application of credit. This enables our staff to reserve seats in the appropriate classes or sessions. All such emails should be addressed to Adam Mysock, Drawing Center Coordinator, at Mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org.

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If the quarterly payment option is selected, this authorizes automatic billing for three subsequent and consecutive quarters (approximately every three months).

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Please indicate the Atelier Study Pass option you wish to purchase: Pass Credit may be applied to any session or course during the Pass time frame until it is used fully.

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Provides admission to any Manifest Drawing Center offerings over a one-year period. Course options are updated on a roughly quarterly basis here.
Payment option:
Provides admission to any Manifest Drawing Center offerings over a three-month period. Requires a committment to a full year Pass. This option authorizes automatic quarterly billing. Course options are updated on a roughly quarterly basis here.



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the information you entered above. Clicking SUBMIT indicates that you promise to pay the selected amount, that you understand the ATELIER STUDY PASS policy, and that the amount is non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you receive an error please click your browser's back button and be sure all required fields are completed. This form constitutes your commitment to follow through with this full-year program.

Note that email is our primary means of communication at Manifest. So please be sure to adjust your spam filter settings to whitelist messages from our domain (manifestgallery.org and manifestdrawingcenter.org) and to expect news and info about your purchase to be sent via email.

Program and facility related questions may be emailed to Adam Mysock at Mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org

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