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Leanne Christie
Vancouver, Canada

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As a full time artist since 2008, my waking hours are dedicated to understanding painting and the realization that it is not about the final product, but the process itself. Painting is risk taking and constant decision making. It is not a quiet act of peaceful meditation but one of exertion and energy which requires stamina. The strokes which are omitted or removed are often more important than those included. This understanding has lead to an increased maturity with my medium and a questioning of visual reality.  I now experience a growing awareness of the irrelevance between the laws which govern nature and the reality of those of the painting. This awareness has lead to my experimentation with a new hierarchy: brushstroke, composition and colour without the retreat into abstraction.

Future works will continue to reveal my intrigue with this structure and will indulge in the sheer joy of painting; a process which only begins when the hours of carefully placed paint are scraped away and the stained canvas is revealed, ready for work to commence once more





born: 1974, South Africa



Rhodes University, Bachelor of Fine Art, 1996


selected awards/honors

Grand Prize, Annual International Representational Salon, Federation of Canadian Artists, 2013

FCA First Prize David Molloy Memorial Award, Landscape Exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artists, 2013


selected publications

Front Cover, Art Avenue, November/December 2013

INPA 3, Manifest Press, 2013

INPA 2, Manifest Press, 2012

Chris Tyrell. Making It, Case studies of successful Canadian artists. Vancouver, 2011


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Silk Purse Gallery Ardour with Ekta Nadeau, West Vancouver, Canada, 2013

Art Rental and Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery: Featured Artist November 2012 - January 2013


selected group shows

Paintings by Numbers, Performance Works, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, Canada, 2013

Annual International Representational Show, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, Canada, 2013

A Responsive Landscape, Harmony Arts Festival,  West Vancouver, Canada, 2013



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