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Bridget Grady
Watertown, Connecticut

Blue Horse Arts Studio


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Over the period of the past five or six years, my work has been focused on the effects of agriculture on the environment, and often has been entwined with community based projects. The intention of these works has been to serve as an invitation for dialogue on this topic and its many tangents. I have functioned as both the principle artist producing works for exhibition and as the initiator of open-ended,interdisciplinary projects. These projects start out as personal painting inquiry and often evolve into collaborations with other artists, students, or community members as creative responses to key environmental concerns.

The painting "Animal or Vegetable l" is one such of example of these inquiries. It represents a beginning series of personal work that has grown out of an earlier collaborative project entitled "Crop Circle." The "Crop Circle" project was a community based art endeavor that involved promoting awareness of local farmers utilizing organic processes. Formally I am interested in the destabilization of the perceptual space contained within the still life. This specific variety of gourds, which have been hybridized throughout history for their vibrant color and diverse forms, are of particular interest as a subject to me. My choice in observing their condition in a state of decay, is a subtle insinuation to the to the current manipulation of food crops by genetic modification. The figurative quality of the vegetable metaphorically destabilizes one's perception of what is plant and what is animal. As with all of these initial visual inquiries it remains to be seen what narratives the painting chooses to bring to surface and where they will evolve from there.





born: 1962, Waterbury, Connecticut



Western CT. State University,M.F.A.,2004

B.S. Charter Oak Steate College,1986


selected awards/honors

Artists for Conservation Monthly Conservation Artist Award, 2012

State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. "Landscapes" and " Heminway Pond Series" by Invitation of the DEEP Commissioner Daniel Esty, 2012

National Resource Defense Council, Environmental Art Prize, Finalist, Exhibition, The Nabi Gallery, New York City, 2010

Nanyang  Technological University Award for Excellence in Teaching 2010


selected publications

Dr.Adolfo Rodriguez Canto, "The Pitahayas in the Visual Arts, the History and the Literature", The Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Institution of Public Education of Mexico, March 2013

INDA 7,"International Drawing Annual 7, Volume 7", Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center-Manifest Press, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2012

Tracey O'Shaugnessey, "Naturally Suited to Nature", Cover article, Today Feature Section, Waterbury Republican American, December, 2011

Bridget Grady, "The Painting Room; A Painterly Approach to Research", International Journal of the Arts in Society, Common Ground Publications, 2010


selected solo or two-person exhibits

New Works: Bridget Eileen Grady, Founders Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Northwestern Community College

Wetlands, Solo Exhibition, The Artrium Gallery of the Warner Theatre, 2012

Prima Matera, Solo Exhibition, Block 43  Gallery, Singapore, 2007

Musicians' Life, Solo Exhibition, The Red Barn Studio, Bethlehem, Connecticut


selected group shows

Animals in Art, Invitational Group Exhibition, The Slater Museum, Norwich, Conneticut, 2014

Invitational Group Exhibition ,The Slater Museum, Norwich, Connecticut, 2014

Lisa Brody, Bridget Grady, and Caroline Harman, WAA Gallery ,Washington Depot, Connecticut, 2014

EAST MEETS WEST, LQM Gallery, New London, Connecticut

High(Realism's Realism), Manifest Creative Research and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013


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