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Kelly Jordan
Bloomington, Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College, Adjunct Instructor


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It starts with something beautiful, or curious. In the middle of an unremarkable moment, I suddenly find myself arrested by an event of visual phenomena. I am captivated and loose all sense of time. The room shifts, and I am standing in an unfamiliar place, a "thin" place. For the next few minutes, I toggle back and forth between worlds, in and out.  

Painting allows me to bring the experience of perception and projection together to share a stage, a united surface. In making the world flat, I imagine I can catch it and bring it close. If I'm lucky and the chase is good, the world becomes more, becomes new.

"All I wanted was to make my life thrilling for a while: to take the ordinary objects of my days and make a different argument out of them, no obligations to my past."

Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin

Special Note: In this body of work, I made a conscious change in process. Instead of the frenetic, impulsive approach of my past paintings, I worked slowly and deliberately. While making these paintings, I held an image in mind of my mom painting miniature wooden houses (made by my dad) when I was a kid. At night, she would work hunched over our round oak table, house in one hand, loaded brush in the other. She made the most perfect lines you can imagine. I spent endless hours studying those lines, their precision and their strange energy. It was the singular and secret evidence of her confidence.





born: 1974, Dayton, Ohio



Indiana University, MFA, 2009

Wright State University, BFA 2006


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Even Returns/Minimum Distance, John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, Indiana, 2014

New Works B,loomingtonConvention Center, Bloomington, Indiana, 2014


selected group shows

Fresh Paint, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013

Resurfacing, Paper Crane Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana, 2010

Interpreting the Square, Bloomington City Hall, Bloomington, Indiana, 2009

MFA Thesis Show, Sofa Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana, 2009



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