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Rob Kolomyski
Woodbury, Minnesota

Inver Hills Community College, Instructor

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Recently, I have been attempting to mediate my subjective impulses in paint through more diverse and divergent sources and processes. These include collective consumer imagery, art historical references and personal memory. I am interested in using second-hand material for first-person articulations, and how an amalgamation of history, popular culture and autobiography can become a poetic parallel to our own complex make-up.

The divergent narratives created by this synthesizing of sources echo the everyday simultaneous activities of reading and seeing, of moving about the world as a tourist, oscillating between curiosity and distrust, fascination and incomprehension. Sometimes this narrative is from one mark to the next, at other times it may become more epic.  I find the most potential in the awkward space between figuration and abstraction, where category and connection give way to more allusive possibilities.  





born: 1970, Detroit, Michigan



Michigan State University, MFA, 2007

Eastern Michigan University, BFA, 2002


selected publications

Manifest Press, "International Painting Annual," Cincinnati, Ohio, 2011

Garden City Publishing, "Weak Painting" (Exhibition Catalog), Taipei, Taiwan, 2009, p. 40-52

The Open Studio Press, "Studio Visit Volume 8," Boston, Massachusetts, 2009, p.106  


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2013

Inver Hills Community College, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2012

South Texas College, McAllen, Texas, 2011

ŒNeapolitan‚ Gallery 409, Brownsville, Texas, 2011


selected group shows

40th International Show, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Brownsville Texas, 2012

Visual Arts Society of Texas 43rd Annual National Visual Arts Exhibition, Visual Arts Center, Denton, Texas, Juror: Benito Huerta, Curator, University of Texas at Arlington, 2011

ŒOne for the Road‚ Max Fish Gallery, New York City, New York, 2011

ŒSwipple and Gold‚ Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2009



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