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Philip LaVelle
Cincinnati, Ohio


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Our lives are split between the "real" and the "virtual" more now than any other point thus far.  In this landscape our vision is also split between the "real" and the "screen". In this body of work I am exploring our contemporary and ever changing way that we view the world.  

In my work I create layers of information composed of stenciled spray painted lines, collaged inkjet prints of both found and personal photos, and  separated by coats of clear gloss medium.  The result is a very methodical and intuitive process that is stubbornly slow.  Each line is calculated and composed in a process that can take nearly an hour to create, once the decision has been made.

By compressing many layers together I reference a simultaneousness or an informational/visual schizophrenia and look at creating works that are nonlinear abstractions of our everyday interactions with both the "virtual" and the "real". I create nonsensical structures that fluctuate between image and abstraction while referencing the screens that we use to access and view the virtual and place it with in a schism of the material in a frozen flux.  Ultimately my pieces attempts to create an abstract representation/interpretation of "a place without space".





born: 1984, Cincinnati, Ohio



Ohio University, BFA, 2006


selected awards/honors

Art Comes Alive 2013 Best of Show, Art Design Consultants, 2013


selected publications

AEQAI; November 2013, Cincinnati, Ohio: Manifest's 10th Anniversary, 2013

AEQAI; February 2013, Cincinnati, Ohio: Philip LaVelle at 1305 Gallery, 2013


selected solo or two-person exhibits

(untitled), NKU Steely Library, Highland Heights, Kentucky, 2014

New Works By Philip LaVelle, 1305 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013


selected group shows

Fresh Paint, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013

VISTA, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013

2013 Art Comes Alive, ADC, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013



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