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Jesse Parrotti
Oakland, California

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My work explores the ambiguity and uncertainty of personal experience. We all exist in our own individualized, psychedelic realities; always changing and adapting. Telling ourselves stories, forming facts about the world around us and building up a persona over a lifetime. We can sometimes glance, clumsily, and incompletely, into other realities through language, music, art, and passion. I confront this inherent communication impasse through my painting. Asking how we build meaningful connections, both internally with our own selves and externally with others and our environment.

My painting practice exists as a grounding process, tuning me in, both to myself and the subject of my work. In a world that asks us to move ever faster and do more, painting becomes a stabilizing element. It can exist as a pause, allowing me to gain presence and build connection. The practice and concept are one in the same.





born: 1981, Athens, Ohio



Ohio University, BFA, 2004


selected awards/honors

Walter and Sally Greene Fine Arts Award, Ohio University, 2004

Dean's Award, Ohio University College of Fine Arts, 2003


selected publications

DPI Magazine. Taiwan, 2008

Hello Bali Magazine. Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, 2012

I-Magazine. Bali, Indonesia, 2012


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Mantra Gallery, Bali, Indonesia, 2012

Koffie Huis, Eddy Roos Museum, Uithuizen, Netherlands, 2011


selected group shows

ISI Gallery, Bali, Indonesia, 2010

Red Ink Studios, San Francisco, California, 2006



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