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Jose Sanchez
Medellin, Colobmia

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My work is focused in the Readymade.

Given that the frame in itself is a readymade as such, proclaiming the principle that anything can be grounds for a joint and artistic creation, and combining my technical skills, I have been able to represent objects in a two-dimensional painting with a hyper-realistic style portrayed in an artificial physical world.

In a three-dimensional format I create assemblies using items that have been discarded and wasted, and others that I just found around.  They could be pieces of wood, stone, metal, cardboard, plastic, eggs, snails etc.  These objects have been previously used and therefore stood to the test of time and reshaped by the forces of nature.

The purpose of selecting these materials is to extract the object from its original surrounding and place it in a completely different environment denying its nature and freeing it from its initial purposes of being useful and satisfying consumism.  Combining this new creation with others, I want to inspire the viewer to admire a world of illusion from a new angle.





born: 1965, Medellin, Colombia


selected awards/honors

Manifest Creative Research Gallery - High Realisms's Realism Cincinnati

Participation Collection Fall - Winter - Hernan Zahar (Colombian Designer)

Art Expressions Book Bogota Colombia


selected publications

Colombia and Art Book 2012 (Tribute to Enrique Grau)

Calendar 2012 - Testimony Art (Bucaramanga - Colombia)

Book-Latin American Sculpture. ( Colombia)

Calendar 2004 Quinmtexa S.A. (Peru)


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Jose Sanchez (Felox ), Gallery EntreArte, Bogota, Colombia, 2008

Jose Sanchez (Felox), Museo El Chico: Art for a Purpose,Bogota, Colombia,2006

Jose Sanchez ( Felox ), Highway Art Gallery, Medellin, Colombia, 1996


selected group shows

High Realisms's Realism, Manifest Creative Research Gallery , Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013

Gallery Jorge Sori,Miami, Florida, 2012

Latín American Art Exhibition, LGM Arte internacional ,Beijing, China, 2012

Realismo ll, Bronxville Art Gallery, New York, New York, 2003



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