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international painting annual 4 exhibition-in-print
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Jon Sours
Asheville, North Carolina

Blue Spiral 1, Assistant Curator

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I am interested in painting things I find beautiful, weird and otherwise intriguing.

I strongly wish to avoid literal depictions of people, places or events.

I am sometimes tempted to paint from life. I try to squash this temptation.

Reference materials such as photographs, film stills or magazine clippings serve as a jumping off point.

The details inherent in these materials are essential to making a convincing picture, but tend to be distorted or made inaccurate in my depiction.





born: 1983, Ithaca, New York



University of Nebraska at Omaha, BFA, 2006


selected publications

Manifest vol. 74, 5th Annual Nude. Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013


selected group shows

Au Naturel, Clatsop Community College, Astoria, Oregon, 2014

Way of Nature/Way of Grace, AAAC, Asheville, North Carolina, 2013

American Art Today: Figures, Bascom Center of Arts, Highlands, North Carolina, 2013

5th Annual Nude, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2013



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