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Manifest Artist Residency

Jeremy Plunkett

Jeremy Plunkett's work explores the illuminating and emanating qualities of light within his photo-realist paintings, intaglio-based prints, and monumentally scaled charcoal drawings. He received his MFA in painting from Ohio University in 2008 and received his BFA in printmaking from Bowling Green State University in 2005. Jeremy has participated in many national and international juried exhibitions including the International Mezzotint Festival in Ekaterinburg, Russia (2011, 2013), 32nd Bradley International Print & Drawing Exhibition (2009), and took first prize in the Manifest's own International Drawing Annual 4 publication. He was also the organizer for the printmaking demonstration, project, and exhibition:"BIKE PRINT MKE" at the 2013 Southern Graphics Council International in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Artist's Statement:

I try to demonstrate the non-discriminatory nature of light's visually eradicating characteristics in my drawing and printmaking. That is why I use charcoal and the intaglio process of mezzotint to mimic its effects by erasing or removing material. Conversely, within layers of thin oil color, I am able to capitalize on light's reflecting, revealing and transformative capabilities by painting what might seem to be the mundane or ordinary subject matter.

Regardless of the media, I enjoy the mood and atmosphere created by light's interaction with space or objects because it paves way for beautiful and insightful metaphor. Recently I have been working with plastic grocery bags, bicycle components, and sheer curtains. All, which when illuminated with light, become floating ghostly reminders of life and death, use and waste, or human and machine. My goal is to further explore these concepts, metaphors, and subject matter within a larger more cohesive body of work.

This page will serve as Manifest's MAR document for Jeremy Plunkett's Residency. We will occasionally update it with news, studio pictures, and works made while at Manifest. The images pictured at right are a sampling of those submitted with his application.


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application artwork

application artwork

application artwork



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