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Manifest Artist Residency

Charlie Goering

Charlie Goering was born and raised in Fort Mitchell Kentucky where he grew up surrounded by the arts. With the life long goal of becoming an artist, his father, a classical guitarist, was an early example of a life in the arts. In 2004 Charlie began studying with Keith Klein at his studio in Florence, Kentucky. An early mentor, it was in Keith's studio that he found his love for painting and drawing. Charlie began exhibiting when he was young. First showing at the Duveneck Memorial Art Show in 2009. He participated in the Duveneck Show for four years and continued to take classes with Keith until starting college in 2011. While in high school Goering was awarded scholarship to the Governors School for the Arts in 2010 which resulted in a show at the Carnegie Center for the Arts in Covington, Kentucky that same year.

Goering attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati for two years before transferring to the Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) in 2013. He was awarded a merit scholarship to attend the Academy as well as a Helms Trust Purchase Award during his studies. Goering also received a Merit Scholarship to attend LCAD, as well as a scholarship to study for the summer of 2014 in Florence Italy at the Florence Academy of Art. He remained in Florence after his scholarship to continue his studies for a semester. In 2016 Charlie finished his degree at LCAD and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting. Since graduating Charlie has continued to paint and exhibit. He was recently awarded a grant from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation to continue working and developing his paintings.

Throughout school Charlie continued to actively exhibit his work. His work was featured in student shows, local galleries, and at Manifest Gallery. Most recently Charlie was invited by Arcadia Contemporary in Culver City, California to exhibit in an upcoming group show in August of 2017.

Artist's Statement:

Throughout time, artists have used the figure as a catalyst to express their ideas and feelings toward life and art, from the crucifixion scenes of Rubens, to the aggressive post-war paintings of Max Beckmann. Where once designing large ambitious narrative compositions was reserved for history painting, today large scale figure paintings can be used to record our own personal history.

Through recontextualizing the story of art, and understanding figuration as a means of expression, as well as a practice, it is possible to reenergize the human figure with meaning. That is what excites me as an artist. Through formal elements such as large scale, active compositions, considered paint handling, dramatic lighting, tying in art history and my own experiences, my work seeks to express the ineffable ideas within me. Something I believe figurative painting is uniquely poised to do.

I feel it is my obligation as a painter to place the figure in an emotional state. Through the narrativity in painting, and of painting, it is my hope, over a lifetime, to form a picture for the viewer of myself as an artist and complete human. One with feelings and opinions toward the life I have lived. I constantly strive to transcend mere figuration, to find within the human form that mysterious quality that can translate life in a meaningful way on the canvas.

The images pictured at right are a sampling of those submitted with Charlie's application.


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application artwork

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