Advanced Registration Credits (ARC)

Here’s the truth: We’re very excited about the future at Manifest Drawing Center!
We’ve got an amazing new home with more studios than ever before. For sixteen years we have organically expanded our programming and welcomed new artists into our community on a weekly basis. Manifest has survived the first onslaught of the pandemic and has adjusted to new social-distancing protocols in the extreme. We’re finally back running exciting workshops for the summer with these measures in place (including remote programming, hybrid, and opportunities in the studio). But to be honest, our recent temporary closure due to the pandemic, and our need to severely limit density in the studio moving forward is forcing us to scramble to cover our minimal operating costs.
We need your help.
So, we’re asking you to join us in our excitement for the Center's future.
Through August 31, 2020 we’re offering the public a chance to purchase Advanced Registration Credits—essentially a chance to pay in advance for a program or class that you’ll enroll in during our upcoming 17th Season. Each of these Advanced Registration Credits (ARCs) is worth 110% of its cost, meaning that a $100 ARC can be used to pay for $110 of Season 17 programming, a $200 ARC has $220 worth of value, and so on. By supporting Manifest Drawing Center through the purchase of Advanced Registration Credits, you’re both helping ensure that we can bridge smoothly to our fall programming, and investing in your connection (or reconnection) to a very special artistic community.
Manifest Drawing Center has always believed that learning to draw is learning to see. We're working hard to weather this storm, and we need your help now to see us through so that we can be ready for you on the other side.


Please note: You will be presented a 'thank you' page after successful submission of your registration. This page will also provide the option to pay for the Advanced Credit by credit card through paypal. Required fields in this form are marked in red. Should you receive an error page upon submitting the form, click your back button and provide the missing info, and submit again.

Please email us here if you have any technical questions or problems with this process, and we will help you promptly.


  • ARC Purchases must be made prior to August 31, 2020 and are only applicable to any Manifest Drawing Center programs running September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021 at the Manifest Drawing Center.
  • You can purchase and add up as much credit as many times as you wish, through the deadline. Your credit will accumulate in your 'credit account' for tuition at Manifest's Drawing Center.

  • Credit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Credit can only be applied to up to 50% of the cost of any given program, course, or session. Credit must be used across multiple offerings. Remaining credit of $50 or less can be applied in-full to the next program registered for.

  • In order to use Credit, recipient must register for desired course or session, then simply contact Manifest by email to confirm application of credit, and any remaining balance. (Email Adam Mysock, Drawing Center Coordinator, at mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org along with any questions).

  • If this credit is being purchased for another person (for example, by a parent for their child) please email Adam Mysock to notify us that this is your intention so the Credits can be applied to the correct person immediately.

Purchaser's name, address, and contact info:

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City:                                                                         State:                                          Zip:

Phone:                                                                     E-mail:*

*(you will be added to the Manifest Drawing Center email list)

Method of payment:

Payment instructions will be provided after you submit your registration.

Check or cash
Credit card via PayPal

Please indicate the Advanced Credit amount you wish to purchase: Credit funds may be applied to any session or course until they are used fully, taking applicable terms above into account.

  $100 ($110 credit value)
  $200 ($220 credit value)
  $300 ($330 credit value)
  $400 ($440 credit value)
  $500 ($550 credit value)
  $1000 ($1100 credit value)
  $3000 ($3300 credit value)
GIFT   If you would like to give a gift certificate for Credit to someone else.
DONATE   If you would simply like to donate to Manifest's Annual Fund.



Double check
the information you entered above. Clicking SUBMIT indicates that you promise to pay the selected amount, that you understand the Advanced Registration Credit policy, and that the amount is non-refundable. If you receive an error please click your browser's back button and be sure all required fields are completed. This form constitutes your commitment to follow through with this purchase.

Note that email is our primary means of communication at Manifest. So please be sure to adjust your spam filter settings to whitelist messages from our domain (manifestgallery.org) and to expect news and info about your purchase to be sent via email.

Program and facility related questions may be emailed to Adam Mysock at Mysock@manifestdrawingcenter.org.

A confirmation copy of this form will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided.
Please print and retain the e-mail for future reference.